If You Are:

Feeling overwhelmed trying to do it all and have it all.

Racing through life thinking there is never enough time.

Having a hard time saying no and sacrificing your health, family or love life.

Losing sleep thinking about your work.

Avoiding taking action in your life and business.




You are not alone.  If only it were a time management issue.  I am here to let you know that there is another way.  You can do less and achieve more in less time, with less effort!


Highly Recommend!!

I did not hesitate to buy her services as I felt right from the first free 30 minute consultation that she offered a lot of value. And, she was able to help me figure out the real reasons behind the obstacles I was going through. The best part about the service was the homework I committed to each week that addressed the issue discussed in the session.  

I highly recommend Francesca to anyone looking to understand more about themselves, their beliefs and mentality and how these reflect on the quality of their current lives. She will help you improve the quality of your life, be happier and more fulfilled.

Joelle Skaff, Realtor, Ottawa, ON

Thank you Francesca!

I became curious about Francesca as a life coach after attending her two hour information session on love and relationships.  After some consideration of the financial aspect of this coaching, and a consultation with Francesca, I was inspired by her passion and integrity in her work so I decided to work with her. 

Francesca was clear, intuitive, kind and compassionate with me.  She was extremely helpful focusing on what I needed to do to get on a clear path of attracting my life partner.  She was very skilled and supportive in helping me to eliminate resistance blocking me from moving forward. I really enjoyed the work in creating a desire list of characteristics for a partner.  I read this frequently for several months after we stopped our sessions. This time I felt different, lighter and clearer about where I was headed when I decided to put myself out into the dating arena again.  After 15 years of being single, I finally met my current partner and we are a great fit. 

Christine Bellevillle, Counsellor, Ottawa, On


I tell everybody about her!

The term “Law of Attraction” (LOA) is used quite casually and as a buzzword.  I was curious, yet skeptical. I then met Francesca and was struck by how down to earth, smart, compassionate, wise and kind she is.  Still uncertain about “buying into” LOA, I did some research of my own. I found that LOA does not conflict with my Christian beliefs and is grounded in science – quantum physics and neuroscience.  

After meeting with Francesca and trusting her as a professional, I decided to take the plunge.  Everybody’s journey will be unique. Francesca guided me through the work, exercise, and process and I saw concrete changes and results in the areas that we focused on.  I’m very happy that I took the plunge, and highly recommend working with Francesca ad a Law of Attraction Coach. In fact, I tell everybody about her! 

Silvana Sicoli, Sales Representative Remax Hallmark Realty Group, Ottawa, ON

You taught me I can do anything!

Francesca taught me you can do anything, and believe me anything!  She taught me powerful Law of Attraction techniques that I still use to this day.  As I result, I have improved my career as better and better career opportunities keep coming my way. In one session of Emotion Freedom techniques  with Francesca, I was able to release my fear of the dark. I was too scared to enter my house after dark as I feared burglars would be hiding in the house at night.  That very week, after our session, I was no longer afraid to go home in the dark and I have never been afraid since and that was 10 years ago. I am truly grateful for this gift.  

Denise Lapensee Corrigan, Accounting Clerk, Ottawa, ON


Highly Recommend!

Nobody works harder than Francesca for her clients. She is caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping all of her clients move beyond what they believed is possible. I highly recommend Francesca if you are ready to make some changes in your life.

Raelen Bergen Harder, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Ottawa, ON


Compassionate and Tough!

Working with Francesca helped me to identify and change very old and deep-rooted patterns I had created in my life. My initial goal was to improve my emotional well-being which really fell into the beliefs I held about myself and how this projected into all my relationships.

Francesca taught me some very easy tools that I can practice and how to have those tough conversations in my relationships while creating the healthy boundaries I needed.  She taught me how to love and accept myself fully and therefore surround myself in healthy relationships.  

She is compassionate and tough and I wouldn’t have wanted my experience any other way.  Those tougher sessions were really the ones that made the most impact of change in my life.  Francesca will show you how easy and simple it is to make the most magical changes you are looking for.  Enjoy working with her, you will soon see the benefits this process will bring to your life. 

Crystal Evans, Owner Baking Good Pet Services, Calgary, Alberta


Francesca is a gift!

When I came to Francesca I was in a negative head and heart space.  From the very first session, she helped me shift my mindset to growth. I was embarking on many new adventures in my life and was being called to be so much more than I was capable without a major shift.

I spent many years seeing other specialists and spent thousands of dollars…maybe hundreds of thousands and was still stuck.  Within a few months of working together, she helped me shift years of lack, and self-defeating thoughts to thoughts of abundance.  She helped me reach my goals around money. But that was just the beginning.

She also helped me heal my mindset around my relationships with my children and my ex-partner which was incredibly toxic.   I am thriving and I have a world of relationship that thrive too. She helped me heal my heart, my past and present to be fully knowing in myself to attract my desired romantic relationship.

It is magic.  Francesca is a gift.  I will always use the tools she has given me.  I will never hesitate to sign up for more sessions when needed. Thank-you Francesca.  You helped me believe in myself.

Rikki Warwaruk, Founder of Wise Owl Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness, Royston, British Columbia