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  • Experience moods that hijack your life and negatively impact your health, career and relationships.
  • Experience overwhelming emotions that stick around too long.
  • Have chronic negative, critical and all over the place thinking.
  • Obsess over the past and worry too much about the future.
  • Choose harmful ways to cope so you don’t have to feel.
  • Are unable to assert yourself in relationships and get walked all over.
  • Have low self-esteem and have no sense of self.

Whether you are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress or Co-dependency and relationship issues, if you identify with any of the experiences above, then you are where you need to be. You are a good candidate for counselling. I offer practical skills and tools to balance your mind, emotions and actions. I am here to help you become more emotionally resilient, grounded in yourself and interpersonally effective.

Covered under most benefit packages for Registered Social Workers in Ontario

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  • Are a boss (Executive, Director, Manager, Business owner)
  • Despite your success you feel like you are living an imposter life
  • Feel like you have lost control in one or two areas of your life
  • Have tried everything to find your way and you still feel off course
  • Have allowed others opinions to define you and your path
  • Stopped trusting yourself and your internal compass
  • Have forgotten your true self and what truly matters to you

But, you are now ready to come into your own, be more of who you are and take your power back!

If this sounds like you, then you are a good candidate for my Boss Life Program. Get ready for this journey of self-discovery. Learn how to come back home to yourself and live life on your own terms. You are your own authority!

Covered under most benefit packages for Registered Social Workers in Ontario 

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Consultation for Therapists: 

You are a therapist who believes your clients would gain from what Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) offers, but you are struggling to implement and maintain the DBT techniques and framework into your sessions with clients.


  • Are committed to your professional development
  • Are invested in your client’s well-being
  • Want to be competent and provide effective therapy
  • Want to observe your own personal limits

And, you work with clients who are:

  • Experiencing varying degrees of cognitive, emotional, behavioural, interpersonal and self dysregulation
  • Consistently in crisis
  • Asking for help and then don’t accept the help you are giving
  • Not moving forward on their therapy or life goals

It can be difficult to observe best practices when getting bogged down and overwhelmed with these challenges!

Consultation is integral to the DBT model and is an important aspect of maintaining a therapist’s balance in perspective, attitudes and behaviours with their clients. It is also an essential component for self-care and avoiding burnout.

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