My Why: relationships built on trust

My top three values are love, connection and growth.  My relationships are where I experience most of my joy and growth, both personally and professionally.  Helping my clients grow can only happen when we create a relationship built on trust.

From my previous psychotherapy experience, I bring to the table what psychologist Carl Rogers called “unconditional positive regard” for my clients.  I understand the importance of the early influences of attachment, as per psychologists Ainsworth and Bowlby, in developing a deep emotional bond and a secure attachment with my clients so they feel safe enough to be vulnerable and dig deep in sessions.  That is how the real work gets done.

I also provide what psychoanalyst Franz Alexander called a “corrective emotional experience” with my clients.  The client undergoes new emotional experiences in the coaching to undo early negative emotional conditioning. Much of the power in working with the Law of Attraction and heartset is about our emotional experiences.

I am a master at striking the right balance between acceptance/validation and change with my clients. Psychology researchers such as Marsha Linehan have demonstrated that acceptance is the currency for change.  And, that change strategies are just as important to validate the pain that a client is in.