About me

For the last 25 years, I have been honoured to help thousands of clients with their mental health, personal growth and success. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and am a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

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My Approach

My intention, first and foremost, is to bring a presence and create a space where you are met, heard, seen and felt in order for you to relax into healing, change and growth.


As a therapist, I draw from a number of approaches, however I developed an expertise in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT); a marriage between Eastern, Zen Buddhist Mindfulness and Western Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. DBT is a comprehensive evidence based approach proven to be effective in treating Mood and Anxiety Disorders as well as many other mental health issues. It is also being used in middle schools and in the corporate realm to teach emotional intelligence and resilience.

Other approaches I use:

  • Humanistic and Client Centered
  • Emotion Freedom Techniques (Level II Certified)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
  • Attachment theory
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Schema therapy
  • Collaborative Practice and Systemic Oppression: Feminist/Narrative
  • PsychoSocial Rehabilitation
  • Motivational Interviewing


As a Coach, I blend positive psychology and DBT with a spiritual framework using the Law of Attraction. Recent research is showing that DBT skills are also helpful to those with no mental health diagnosis to teach emotional intelligence and resilience. The Law of Attraction is a philosophy which states what we focus on grows and what we focus on we create. The emphasis is on reprogramming the conscious and unconscious mind. As well as improving your feeling state and connecting you to your true self in order to move you into inspired action to create your goals. I bring in other psychological concepts and tools from other approaches into my coaching practice as well.


At the age of 23, I started my own healing and personal development journey. After doing my own work in therapy, I was called to do so with others. This path has been just as transformative for my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being as it has been for my clients.

As a work in progress, over the years, I have become more “me” than ever, living a value based life and living life on my own terms. I am proud of the life I have created, given where I came from. I am not only blessed by the meaningful work that I do, but also with healthy, loving relationships and good health. In my early 30s, I released close to 70 lbs and improved my health considerably. I have been able to maintain the same size and good health over the last 20 years.

My friends and colleagues will tell you that I am “true blue” and “walk my talk”. I do not expect my clients to do anything I have not already done or would not do. This speaks to integrity; a high priority value of mine. I am passionate about my health and well-being. I take time each day to tend to my mind, body, heart and soul. I love learning, music, especially live music ( I have probably seen a 1000 + bands live) and spending time with my closest friends. My husband and I also enjoy cooking and entertaining friends with small dinner parties.