Boss Life Coaching Program Outline

A 12 session, bi-weekly program (6 months) where we will cover the following:

Session 1: Mindfulness and Minimalism

Session 2: Who am I? Know thy self. Define and Discover who you are and who you want to be.

Session 3: What do I stand for? Identify your priority values and develop your personal or professional mission statement.

Session 4: What do I want? Create a clear vision of what you want in an area where you feel lost and what values you want to live out in that area. Identify initial steps.

Session 5: What do I believe about what I want? Uncover and release the thoughts and beliefs getting in the way of your vision and value based living. Reprogram your conscious and unconscious mind.

Session 6: What do I feel? Heart, body and soul speak – Connect to and release feelings keeping you stuck. Learn how to be open and listen to the messages from your body, heart and higher self.

Session 7: Am I willing to take responsibility for what I create; the good, the bad, the ugly? Accountability and deliberately designing your life.

Session 8: What do I have to accept and allow? Identify what you need to let go of that no longer serves you. Learn strategies to accept those things you cannot change. Allow others to be, life to be, you to be and and follow your own path. 

Session 9: Do I have the courage to ask for what I want?…from others and the Universe. Examine and release myths for assertiveness and deservingness. 

Session 10: Is failure an option for me? Failure and Forgiveness of self and others. Learn how to reframe failure, learn from the past and release resentments that take you away from your true self and desires.

Session 11: Am I ready to be more of who I am? Allowing for vulnerability, intimacy and authenticity.

Session 12: What action steps am I willing to take? Identify steps that set you up for success. Develop the courage to follow your heart with action. 

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