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I bet you have been given many messages throughout your life time that are based on a lack mentality. You have most likely heard that success only comes to those who work really hard, go the extra mile and push things into being. Believe it or not, this way of thinking can be the epitome of scarcity

Can you wrap your head around the idea that success can be created with ease and grace? If you can connect to your higher self: that unlimited creative energy, your pure potential and your power to deliberately design your life, your desires can come to you with the least amount of effort. It is law. It is the Law of Allowing. Allowing, allows for an abundant mindset. 

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However, it requires that we release resistance, those thoughts and feelings that do not match our desires.  Much of our resistance has been programmed into us. We take many of our beliefs for granted and as the status quo. It is time to challenge the status quo.

Lack Versus Abundant Mentality 


Competition is necessary for success


Cooperation, collaboration

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The idea of competition is based on our belief that there is not enough to go around, such as there are not enough clients/customers and money. Or, there are too many others wanting the same thing, therefore you have to fight for your piece of the pie. It is important to recognize the this thinking will create more lack, more “not enough.”

Many of my clients who are wanting to attract their ideal partners believe there are not enough men or women out there as they are all taken or that there is no one out there who will meet the criteria of their soul mate list. 



Focusing on what is wrong


Focusing on what is right

We have a tendency to over-emphasize what is not working and under-emphasize what is.  Ever noticed this? You may have one client during the day that frustrates you and have several other pleasant interactions throughout the day, but you spend all of your time focusing on that one unpleasant client interaction.


There is not enough


There is enough for now

Face of woman smiling demonstrating self-love

This seems like an epidemic. “I am not skilled enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough.” It is also evident in feeling undeserving and unworthy. Many of us feel we have to prove ourselves to others to be deserving and have value. Our most important point of focus is the relationship we have with ourselves and the energy that we are sending out to the Universe.

In order to attract abundance we need to step into our value and our worth. The amount the Universe will gift you is directly related to your sense of worth. You were born enough.  In fact, your true self is abundance.  And, your worth is unconditional.


I can’t create what they have. Jealousy


 Admire & support

When we are jealous of other people’s accomplishments, we are using comparison in a very destructive way.  We are coming from our ego identity that has limited thinking and beliefs as the foundation. When we are connected to our higher selves, we use others’ successes and accomplishments as inspiration.


There is only a certain amount of success.  You can’t have it all.


Success is unlimited. I can have it all and do have it all.

Women sending positive light energy out into the Universe

This is certainly something I have heard repeatedly. In particular, as a woman. For example, you can not be a great mother and have a successful career. The thinking is that one area of your life has to suffer in order to have success in another. It is possible to have success in all domains of your life. You cannot focus on all areas of your life at once and you do have to prioritize what areas to focus on, but the beauty of working with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing is that you can achieve more, in less time, with less effort which allows for more wholistic living.



I have no control. Self-pity (Victim)


I have control. Empowerment

Many of us benefit from remaining in the victim role. We get to stay in the familiar, avoid failure, avoid loss or get sympathy from others. But, the benefits are short-term. In the long-run, our self-respect goes down because we act helpless when we are not and we miss out on living an amazing life.


It’s not my fault.  It’s their fault. No responsibility



Taking responsibility for our lives is not the same as blaming and shaming ourselves for our choices. Taking responsibility is about responding effectively to what is happening in our lives. It is about stepping into the belief that you are creating everything that is happening in your life to a large degree. It starts with what you choose to think and feel to create what you want and in response to what is happening inside you and around you.


A horn of plenty

You may have recognized yourself in the scarcity mindset. Releasing these beliefs will free you from the restricted version of you to the more expanded version of yourself. By focusing on an abundant mindset, you free yourself from a constricted life and open yourself up to the flow of abundance quickly.

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