How to Get Healthy Without Training Like an Olympian

“Today, and every day I am grateful for my physical well-being”

A couple of years ago, my body was speaking loudly to me with recurrent colds and flus throughout the winter along with back, hip and knee pain. Since, I am a huge fan of life balance and harmony, tending to my physical well-being is of utmost importance to me.


Woman sitting at desk working in front of computer

Like many of you, I tended to get out of balance by over extending my limits with my business: working too hard, too long, with too few breaks all the while sitting. I was also pushing my body beyond its limits with intense exercise.   


Less Is More

At that time, after seeing a sports doctor, I found out that I had arthritis in my knees which was causing me so much pain. I remember her asking me, “Why are you training like an Olympian when your not?”.  Turns out that my intense training along with sitting for too many hours, these extremes, were damaging my body. More recently, I found out that I had a touch of arthritis in my back, that there was some cartilage degeneration in my lower back, and my hips were slightly misaligned.


Over the last year and a half, I have changed my workout regimen. Although, I still workout four and sometimes five days per week, I have learned to listen to my body and be more gentle on my body. And, I have taken more steps to reduce my workload, take more frequent breaks, get up, and enjoy life more. This combination along with consistent energy work such as visualizations, meditations and affirmations to stay focused on my physical health and business goals has resulted in a nearly pain free body and I have been able to release 13 pounds over the last six months. And, overall, I am just much happier.

Finally Alignment!

I know there are people out there that are experiencing much more serious and debilitating illnesses, so I consider myself to be very blessed regarding my health. Although, I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. And, in my early 20s I weighed in at 230 lbs; had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a near death experience.  But, this is also around the time I discovered the Law of Attraction.The Universal Law that states what you focus on you attract and create. Since then, I released 67 pounds


Woman standing in victory stance

In my early 30s, I learned that I had 2 medical conditions that predispose me to being overweight and to obesity. Yet, this is when I released most of my weight; 47 pounds in nine months. The external shift was largely related to my internal shift after doing inner work for 10 years. I was finally aligned with my desire to release weight. Meaning, all the unconscious ways of thinking and believing that were keeping me from letting go of the weight had dissipated

Inflating Your Tire

Robert Holden, Happiness Expert and author of “Be Happy” states that well-being requires harmony between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  He likens each component to 4 wheels on a car. If one tire is flat you are not going anywhere!


Flat tire on car

Does one of your tires need inflating? If so, take some time to tune into your body by taking these steps:

  1. Notice how your body feels.
  2. Ask yourself, “What messages is my body sending me right now?”
  3. Ask your body what it needs from you in order to serve you well.
  4. Ask your body what one commitment it needs from you to feel strong, healthy and energized.
  5. Align your energy to connect with your ideal body.


When it comes to creating the body you want just like anything else, you must co-create by aligning our physical being with your non-physical being; your soul, spirit, higher self or whatever that is for you. The physical and the non-physical must create in unison, and the primary focus remains on energy alignment. Aligning your energy requires thinking in feeling in ways that support your desire for the body you want.

Make the Improved Feeling Your Destination

Woman looking up to sky in eager anticipation

In other words, as Law of Attraction pioneer Esther Hicks says, your most important focus is not the distance between ill ease or being overweight to complete well-being and being thin. It is really about applying the Law of Deliberate Creation and deliberately achieving an emotional state.


Rather, than focusing on the pain, on what you can’t do, and feeling discouraged, fearful or doubtful about your health, focus on what you can do and practice the feeling of optimism, eager anticipation, and trust in your return to health. Make the improved feeling your destination. An improved feeling is a release of resistance or those thoughts and feelings that do not support your vision of health.


Quantum Physics has demonstrated that one hour of energy work is equal to seven hours of action. When you release resistance you increase your allowance meter; the amount of health and well-being you allow into your life.

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