Law of attraction & emotional mastery


Benefits of Law of Attraction and Emotional Mastery


With the energy work of the Law of Attraction and the psychology of Emotional Mastery, I have seen my clients create inspiring results:

  • Reclaim their lives by working less and making more money;
  • Attract more of their ideal clients;
  • Revive relationships that seemed doomed;
  • Attract the love of their lives: and
  • Release weight they have been holding on to for years.

In general, most coaches focus on action and doing with their clients to help them get the results they want and not on emotions and the expression of emotions. Of course, action is a necessary piece of the puzzle in creating life balance and harmony. But, if you want to create a life that works for you, your most important job is to feel good. That’s it.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on, you attract, you create and grows. Your thoughts and your feelings are energy that vibrate at a certain rate or frequency. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions transmit energy into the Universe.  This energy we transmit is then matched by the Universe in what we get back.

Everything you want out of life is because of how you think it will make you feel when get it.  In order to get what you want, it is necessary to master your emotions and consistently be in a good feeling place.  The second Universal Law, the Law of Deliberate Creation tells us that what we focus on with emotion we attract more quickly.  And, when you think and feel in ways that match your goals, then you are inspired to take action.


Why Law of Attraction and Emotional Mastery Matters…