Resolutions for a Smooth Life Ride!

We are blessed moving into this New Year!  At this time, like many of you, I am taking stock of how 2019 went and I reflect on what I would like to see happen differently in 2020. I think of what I preach to my clients, “Practice living the life you want to live and not the life you are currently living! When I reflect on all the contrast; those experiences I did not like, want or prefer to happen in 2019 “practicing the life you want to live…” is much easier said then done. 

Joy and Freedom in Your Wheel of Life

As I do a review of all 8 aspects of my life, I use the image of a wheel. I imagine that wheel being divided into 8 separate pieces, like pie slices. I look to see if there are parts of the wheel that are deflated and need inflating so that my wheel is full and round. When your wheel is deflated in certain areas and your wheel is warped it makes for a bumpy ride!

  • Fully inflated wheel on car


  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Social

I think of what Law of Attraction master Esther/Abraham Hicks tells us:

“The basis of life is absolute freedom.

The objective of life is joy.

The result of life is absolute growth.”

Woman joyful, smiling walking down path, surrounded by trees

I use this as my measuring stick. I consider how much joy and freedom I have experienced in these areas above. I know that there are areas where I would like to experience much more joy, freedom and success. This last year I was able to create more physical well-being by letting go of beliefs that were not serving me and avoiding pushing myself to the point of exhaustion for my business. In the past 6 months I released 13 lbs!

Although, I am still in the process of balancing the demands of my business with my relationships, social/recreational life and health goals, there is still resistance, meaning my thoughts and feelings are not completely aligned with my desires and therefore, I am not allows in a place of receiving. However, if I were to measure my success in terms of growth, I can truly say that I am impressed with myself. And, it was a great honour in 2019 to receive a Holistic Health Award!

At this time, many of you have set your New Year’s resolutions. You have the best intentions to follow-through, yet many of you will lose sight of your resolutions after the first few weeks.

I think we lose sight of our intentions because setting an intention and sticking to it is not just about “what” we plan on doing. It is also about our “why” and “how we want to feel” when we do it or get it. We set goals, then neglect to focus the lens on our desires without resistance. We get back into living the life we are currently living, rather than practicing the life we want to live.

Scripting To Practice Living the Life You Want

Sharpened pencil laying on open journal

To practice living the life you want to live, you must practice feeling the life you want to live. “Scripting” is a great way to do it. Scripting is a way to get very clear about what you want while getting into vibrational or energetic alignment with what you want.

4 Steps to Scripting:

  1. Pretend you are a writer and that whatever you write will be performed exactly as you write it.
  2. Your only job is to describe in detail, everything exactly as you want it to be .
  3. Talk only about how you would like things to be.
  4. Put feeling, thinking and interacting words into your script; what you you be thinking, feeling and doing for your life to go as you want.

To help you get started on your own script for 2020, I am sharing mine with you.

My Script for My Wheel of Life:

I am cruising in perfect physical, emotional and mental health  My body is in complete well-being, ease and comfort. I am energized. I am fit. My body is toned. I know my body can heal itself and I am so thankful.

I vibrate at the top of the emotional scale; feeling joy, peace, power, appreciation, freedom, love and abundance. When I experience contrast, I am able to see the blessing in it. I return to better-feeling thoughts and I get back into alignment with my desires quickly.

I think clearly. I am present focused. My thoughts are balanced. I am sharp. I am creative. I am decisive. I trust my judgment. I think positive thoughts and feel optimism consistently.

Man and woman couple holding hands trudging through snow

I am in a loving, supportive, harmonious, intimate and fun relationship with my husband. I think about how blessed I am every day to have him in my life. We speak our truths to each other with compassion. I ask for help easily with my business. We make a good team!  We are spending quality time together and doing more fun and social things together.

I have quality friendships. I surround myself with friends who are positive, authentic, kind, reliable, committed to their personal growth, health, balance and fun. I am attracting a new friendship into my life. Someone who I can be silly with and have the most intimate discussions with.  I think that this person is out there and I am in the process of attracting them.

I am relishing a purposeful, joyous and creative career whereby I am honouring my authentic self and gifts and inspiring others to do the same. My business is growing steadily and more and more clients are benefitting from the gifts I offer them. I attract my ideal clients.  Clients who are ready, willing and committed to do the work. I attract clients who gladly pay for my services and see the value in what I offer. I like knowing that I am providing my clients with a valuable service.

More and more I create the work/life balance I desire.  I think that there are many ways to have a successful business, that there is always a way and that I can manifest this desire easily and smoothly.  I know with the Law of Attraction I can achieve more, in less time, with less action and I do!

Woman fanning money in front of her face

I receive financial flow and abundance. Money flows to me easily and I am grateful. I am enjoying my financial freedom and living a lifestyle that allows for all our material pleasures. I trust that the Universe is for me and is conspiring with me to bring me what is in my highest good and the highest good of all. I feel so much relief and appreciation. I feel light.

I have more time to explore and nurture my passions for music, dance, cooking, entertaining, style, wine and learning. I am living my life more fully and passionately.  My husband and I are traveling to visit friends and we are booking a Caribbean vacation. We are so excited and are very appreciative that we have been blessed with this abundance! I tell myself that I can do less in my business and have more time and energy for my family, friends, & fun activities, as long as I believe it is possible and do the energy work.

I am connected to my divine self, the divinity in others and my higher power and acting from this place with loving/kindness. I easily connect to my divine self and can sense when I am being divinely guided. I feel my power, my abundance and trust that I always possess it!


Woman taking picture

Writing your script out is a potent thing to do to increase your point of attraction. Reviewing it on a daily basis will keep your lens focused on what you want and keeps you aligned with your desires and ready to receive.  And, if practiced regularly, it can help speed up the ride to receiving your desires. Here’s to a smooth ride in 2020!

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