Take the Sweat and Competition out of Your Business

As a Law of Attraction Coach, I believe that success is unlimited and there is no ceiling to what anyone can accomplish. As an entrepreneur, I realize that my business success includes working on my business and in my business.

I have attended numerous workshops and seminars on business building.

And, I have been working with a business coach for the last three years.

This past week, I attended another business seminar. The presenter was an entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager and had grown his multimillionaire dollar company over the last 25 years. He is also a top performance athlete having won two world championships. He has a partner with three

beautiful children. And, has expanded his career by becoming a business coach. That is quite the resume!

His credibility as a business coach was very impressive given his success. And, he certainly did provide value at the seminar. Still, I walked away from his presentation knowing that doing success his way was not for me. Like many other business and successcoaches I hear statements like:

“Treat it like a competition!”

“Sweat equity”

“Do whatever it takes!”

“Entrepreneurs work 16 hours per day, 6-7 days per week.”

These statements are counter to the philosophies and the practices of the Universal Laws. They are also in opposition to my values of love/connection and my mission to help others live more balanced and harmonious lives. 

When I hear a business coach talking about working 16 hour days yet, still

having time to workout and spend time with their kids everyday and then start teaching about how to have life balance, something does not jibe. Time is an equal playing field for us all. But, as Deliberate Creators, we are always at choice about how we think, feel and do.  

Competition is an illusion often fueled by the belief that you can not create what someone else has or that there is simply not enough to go around. An abundant mindset is inspired by others success and embraces co-operation. You understand that the Universe is abundant and there is more than enough to go around.
If your goal is to have a multimillion dollar company, are you willing to work 16 hours per day, six to seven days per week? You may succeed at

your goal (and there is no guarantee, if you are not in alignment with your goal), but at what cost? Are you willing to sacrifice your marriage, family, and health in order to do it?

And why? Do you think that money and things are the cause of your happiness or unhappiness? Truth be told, the converse is true. Money and things or lack thereof are the effect or result of your happiness or unhappiness.

Many entrepreneurs I know are “busting their butts” and are not making millions. And, they are certainly not telling me that they have all the time in the world to tend to their health and spend time with their loved ones.

If that is what it takes to have a multimillion dollar business then I am out. In fact, I am out even if this is what it takes to have a business in the six digits. But, here is the thing, I don’t believe one has to compete, do whatever it takes and work these inhumane hours to reach that level of success.

It is called “workaholism” for a reason. People can become just as

obsessive compulsive about their work as one can about alcohol or drugs. This degree of extreme behavior over time is simply not healthy.

I have worked with clients who are overly focused on their work and business because they get much of their self-worth, validation and identity in this area of their lives. It is inevitable that other areas of their lives are suffering. And, they are suffering. They are using their career as a way to bolster their sense of self and avoid dealing with these other areas that really matter to them.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Case in point, Christy Whitman is a Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach who has a multimillion dollar business

and in her book “The Art of Having it All” she talks about how having it all looks different to everyone. She lives her “all” by having a successful career, being in great physical shape, (She works out five-six days per week.) and spending quality time each day with her husband and two children. She

admits she does not do it alone. She has a team who works on and in her business. She also has a nanny for her kids.

But she got to this place of abundance because of her belief in and application of feminine energy. Abundance can be acquired through ease and grace. Your success does not have to be acquired through hard work, force or struggle.
There is much power in feminine energy. The Law of Allowing, the principle of least action and no resistance and The Law of Detachment; the notion that we must detach from the process and to some degree the outcome of our desire is feminine energy. In fact, much

about being a masterful creator is in doing more energy work and less action to realize your goal.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that one hour of energy work is equal to seven hours of action. So, you can achieve more, in less time, with less effort by connecting to your true potential, by going within. And, when you do take action from that place your action is inspired and impactful.

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