Why the Law of Attraction is not Working for You

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I read a social media post some time back by a woman who posted that she was going through a rough time. She was was saying… “I am a good person. I think I am doing all the right things. I am thinking positive, but the Law of Attraction is not working for me.” I felt sad for her and that she was not getting the results she wanted. I responded hoping that what I said would help her or provide her with some solace.

But, it made me think that there are likely other people who are wondering the same thing.

“Why is the LOA not working for me?” 

So, this inspired me to share what I know about the Law of Attraction to help you harness the power of the Law of Attraction so that it actually works for you to get you what you want.


Three Reasons the Law of Attraction may not be working for you:


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1. There is a vibrational mismatch between where you are and where you want to be:  Your thoughts and feelings are not aligned with your desire. Your thinking is on lack and limitation and you are feeling lower vibratory emotions (those emotions that are uncomfortable or painful) as a result.



2. There is a vibrational mismatch between where you are and who you truly are. You are disconnected from your higher self. The self that resonates at a higher level of consciousness. You may call this your soul, spirit or your divine self. Ultimately, you are disconnected from the Universe.


Energy waves
Energy waves

Given we are spiritual beings having a human experience, the secret to manifestation is the co-creative relationship between the physical body and the non-physical self.  When there is a mismatch between where you are and where you want to be and where you are and who you truly are, you are in resistance.

Resistance prevents the pure, positive flow of energy to and from the Universe. When you are vibrationally aligned with where you want to be and who you truly are, you think in unlimited, empowering and abundant ways and you feel great!


3. We don’t know how to get into alignment with where we want to be and who we truly are.


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Catching energy waves and light in a jar

This is because we are not aware of the seven Universal Laws and the one Bonus Law, so we are not applying them and combining them gracefully and easily to attract what we want.

Christy Whitman, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach and author tells us that the Law of Attraction alone cannot get us what we want. She uses the ingredients of baking a cake as an analogy. The Law of Attraction may be the sugar which is an important ingredient to put in the cake, but you can’t bake a cake with sugar alone.


Law of Attraction


The Universal Law of Attraction states that what we focus on we attract or create and what we focus on grows. It is called a Universal Law because it applies to everything and everyone, everywhere. Like the law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction simply exits.

We do not have to consciously put the Law of Gravity into practice. If you let go of a pen that you are holding in your hand, you do not have to consciously think, “Fall to the ground.” It just does.


The Law of Attraction is the same. It will bring us whatever we put our attention to whether or not we are conscious of the thoughts and feelings we are projecting out to the Universe.


The science of Quantum Physics has demonstrated that everything we can or cannot see consists of subatomic particles and atoms that are vibrating. Not all things seen or unseen vibrate at the same frequency.


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If you have ever made an oil and vinegar salad dressing you will plainly see how this plays out. Think of when you add the vinegar to the oil. What happens to the vinegar? The vinegar will sink to the bottom. The oil sits on top. That is because the subatomic structure of the vinegar is different than the oil. They vibrate at different frequencies, so rather than attract to each other, they repel each other.



You can stir the mixture up and they will temporarily combine, but shortly afterwards they will separate again. But, if you add oil to oil or vinegar to vinegar, the two join together as one because the subatomic makeup or structure or rate of vibration of the two is exactly the same. Like attracts like. 


Picture of Einstein with his equation e=mc2

Einstein’s well-known formula E=mc2 in its most simple form means energy turns into matter and matter turns into energy. I am not a quantum physics expert so this is my “Dr. Seuss” explanation of the formula.


Our thoughts have a certain vibration which then send out a signal and then a matching vibration or signal is sent back to us. The Law of Attraction will deliver both what is wanted and unwanted, (people, situations, opportunities, resources, things, circumstances) depending on the signal we send out to the universe. Our feelings also resonate energy and attract like energy. Our emotions propel the energy of our thoughts out into the Universe.


Find out more about why the Law of Attraction alone will not get you what you want in. In my upcoming blog you will find out why the Law of Deliberate Creation is necessary for the Law of Attraction to work for you.

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