Working May be Causing You to Lose Out on Success


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I, like you and and many of my clients find that relaxing can be a challenge. A number of my clients tell me that even when they are not working, their minds are not shutting off from work. They are so preoccupied with their list of work “to dos” they are unmindful of their present moment.


Many of the entrepreneurs I coach are pre-occupied with worry and catastrophe thoughts like:

“If I take that time off, I will miss out on that sale or that client and then I won’t be able to pay my bills, pay off my debt etc…”

Turning off the switch of worry work thoughts

Thinking this way is lack and “not enough” thinking. It counters the Universal Law of Sufficiency and Abundance that states we not only live in a sufficient universe, we live in an abundant universe. If you believe that what you have is not enough, then you will continue to receive not enough.You will receive an abundance of lack and limitation.

And, you are looking outside yourself to feel that you are enough and what you have is enough. If you continue to look outside yourself at something else to accomplish or have, you will never be fulfilled. Nor, will you be able to be in the “now” and appreciate what you have.


Your Emotional Bank Account


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There are other benefits to taking time off. In my previous therapy practice, I taught people how to reduce those factors that made them more vulnerable to emotional dyscontrol. If you are able to do pleasant events that prompt pleasant emotions; for example, take a vacation, have a massage or spend an evening with good friends, then you are making deposits into your emotional bank account.

You want to have as few emotional withdrawals as possible. But, when contrast happens; those experiences we don’t like, want or prefer to happen that cause emotional discomfort or pain, we have a full bank account of positive experiences and feelings to draw from that provide a buffer. This buffer makes us more emotionally resilient and hardy.

The other thing to understand is that these positive experiences will not increase your emotional bank account if you are not mindful of the positive experience.  Being mindful of the positive experience requires:

  • Focusing your attention on positive events and moments when they are happening;   
  • Refocusing your attention when your mind wanders to the “to do list” and the worry and catastrophe thoughts; and
  • Focusing on one thing in the moment. 
  • And, one more thing, be unmindful of your worry thoughts. As your worries will destroy your positive experience. 


Adopting a Wealth Consciousness


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Some of you may not be convinced that you can create business success and money if you are on vacation. You are caught up in “acting, doing and efforting” to create your success. Then you are not applying the Law of Detachment which says in order to attract what we want into our lives, we must detach from how it will happen and the outcome.

Roman and Packer state in their book Creating Money that if we want to magnetize more money into our lives, then we need to adopt whatever quality we think that money will bring us. If we think money will bring us peace, aliveness, or freedom, we need to ask ourselves, “How can I feel these qualities now?”

Going back to my “acting and doing” for success, yes action is necessary to create success. But, as Deepak Chopra, world renown pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation states a true wealth consciousness is the ability to attract what you what with the least amount of effort.

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Enoch Tan, Author, Speaker and Law of Attraction Master shares that the Law of Detachment is demonstrated by the example that productivity increases when a person takes frequent breaks from work. Being able to consistently walk away from what you are doing puts you in a state of rest and therefore you are able to reconnect with the flow of the universe. 


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