Your Happiness is Your Job!

I am sure many of you have heard of Murphy’s Law which states anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. To some degree this matches the spirit of the Law of Attraction; what you focus on grows and expands. You may have noticed those days when everything seems to go “wrong” from the very start of your day and continues to go wrong. 

You spill your coffee on your shirt before you head to work. You are on your way to work, traffic is backed up and you get there late. You turn on your computer and you can’t access your e-mail, the client you were rushing to meet is a no show, and it goes on.

And then there are those days where everything just seems to go “right” from dawn to dusk. You wake up refreshed, you get out of the house early, the traffic on the way to work is moving smoothly, everyone you encounter greets you with a big smile, your client sings your praise in the meeting.

How you respond to these contrast experiences, experiences you don’t like, want or prefer to happen will determine how the rest of your day will go.

Yesterday, I could have had an “everything is going wrong” day. I was running late and in a rush to get to a network meeting in the morning. As I

was backing the car out of the garage, I did not realize that I did not have enough clearance on the passenger side of the car and I heard a “crack”. When I looked over to the passenger side of the car, I saw that my rearview mirror was partially torn and the mirror was completely shattered. 

For a brief moment, I got angry. Then I stopped and paused. I told myself that I was a Deliberate Creator. I made a conscious decision to turn the day into a good one. Years ago, 15, 10 or even 5 years ago, I would have let it ruin most of my day. I would have told myself how stupid I was. I would have replayed the situation in my head throughout the day. I would have fretted about the money it would cost to fix it. I would have gone into blame mode towards my husband for not parking the car in the garage so there was clearance.

Yesterday, I refrained from getting judgmental of myself. I did not shame or blame myself and did not blame my husband. I allowed for it and told myself to be more mindful and observant the next time. I thought, “Whatever it costs the money will come in to cover it.”

I went on to have an amazing day. When I went to my network meeting, I was able to help out a woman who is really struggling. I felt so inspired when she said, “You are really good at what you do”. I then had some errands to run. I was delighted when I saw that one of my favorite clothing

stores in the mall was having a 40% off sale. There had been a few items I had been eying there for a while. People walking by were making eye contact, smiling at me and I smiled back. I even had a complete stranger ask if he could help me carry my heavy bags to the car. An unusual occurrence. I went to bed feeling so appreciative of my day. 

I was quite impressed with how easily I applied a number of Universal Laws such as the Law of Polarity, the notion that the opposites we experience in life are simply extremes on the same continuum. The Law of Polarity allows us to explore and experience life to the fullest.For example, if you did not know what it is like to feel bad, how would you know when you are feeling good.

You can spend more time on the feeling good end of the spectrum using these three steps:

  • Practice acceptance of what is, as it is, in the moment. When we accept we neutralize our emotions;
  • Extend acceptance to appreciation of the contrast as it allows you to get clear on the opposite and know what the opposite feels like;
  • Observe contrast, those things you don’t like want and prefer, then redirect your thoughts to what you do want.

I was also applying the Law of Deliberate Creation which states that what we give thought to with emotion we attract more quickly. And, when we are practicing the Law of Deliberate Creation we are consciously choosing thoughts and emotions that feel better. Since, I was able to maintain a happy feeling place after my car incident, I continued to draw more good things to me.

The thing is, to really work the Law of Attraction, nothing is more important than feeling good. When we are feeling bad that is just our emotions telling us that there is a gap between what we want and our thinking. Our emotions alert us to thinking that either matches or does not match our desire.

In addition, I was connecting to my pure potential by practicing non-judgment of my self and others. Some research suggests that 99.9% of our thoughts are judgments. We are accustomed to using words like right or wrong, good and bad and should and should not as short hand for expressing what we do not like, want or prefer. When noticing yourself being judgmental, stop yourself and choose to think, feel and act in alignment with love.

By avoiding blaming my husband and wagging a finger at him in judgment, I chose to allow. When you judge others, you are disconnected from your higher self and the flow of the universe. If you believe people should think, feel, act as you do and conform to your rules for you to feel happy, then you will never be free. Your happiness will always be tied to others. Making other people “wrong” is judgment. Judgment generates lower level emotions that result in attracting more negative situations, opportunities, circumstances and people into your life.

Being a deliberate creator means letting go of a victim mentality and taking on a victory mentality. It is not about blaming yourself or others. It is simply about taking responsibility for your life and knowing you have the power to create what you want. 

Your happiness is your job and no one else or nothing else has more power over your happiness than you!

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