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Take the Sweat and Competition Out of Your Business

As a Law of Attraction Coach, I believe that success is unlimited and there is no ceiling to what anyone can accomplish.  As an entrepreneur, I realize that my business success includes working on my business and in my business. This past week, I attended another business seminar to work on my business.  The presenter […]

Go With the Flow: The Law of Allowing

Going with the flow into cosmic world

  Do you ever feel like you are struggling to get what you want? Like you are in a boat paddling upstream against a powerful current? Abraham Hicks emphasizes that “Nothing we want is upstream”!   Another important ingredient to working the Law of Attraction and being a master creator is to apply the Law of Allowing. […]

Holiday Loneliness as Your Greatest Gift

I have a confession to make. I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies since the beginning of November. I know, I know, the plots are extremely predictable, they are “cheesy” and sappy. And, I love them. We hear over and over again in these movies about how Christmas is a “magical” time and it is a time […]

10 Tips to Turn Holiday Stress Into Abundance

“Tis the Season to be Jolly!”… I love Christmas and I love the lead up to Christmas. I have started decorating the house with Christmas decorations. I am very excited to get it all done and see the final results. Just looking around my decorated home makes me happy. And, I am very much looking […]

Your Happiness is Your Job!

I am sure many of you have heard of Murphy’s Law which states anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. To some degree this matches the spirit of the Law of Attraction; what you focus on grows and expands. You may have noticed those days when everything seems to go “wrong” from the very start of your day and […]

Release Relationship Regrets with Acceptance

I don’t believe in regrets. Perhaps, because I have never done something so appalling that it is not forgivable. And, my intention is that my future self, the one that is near to the end of her days here on earth will leave without regret. I don’t believe in regret because I truly believe that everything happens […]

Take the Sweat and Competition out of Your Business

As a Law of Attraction Coach, I believe that success is unlimited and there is no ceiling to what anyone can accomplish. As an entrepreneur, I realize that my business success includes working on my business and in my business. I have attended numerous workshops and seminars on business building. And, I have been working with a business coach for the last three years. This past week, […]

Turn Procrastination into a Launchpad for Growth

I was having a discussion with one of my dear friends this week. She left a career as a psychiatric nurse a year and a half ago to pursue a career as an occupational therapist. She went back to school for this retraining. Unlike myself, who struggles to slow down (Thus, my focus on teaching others about life […]